Board Of Medical Practice

Case: New license put on hold due to criminal conviction
Result:  Client’s license was granted

Case: Allegations of failure to meet duty of care concerning treatment plan for high risk pregnancy
Result: Case dismissed, no disciplinary action

Case: Allegations of poor patient care and inaccurate billing and record keeping
Result: Case dismissed and investigation remains confidential

Case: Client missed a serious diagnosis and patient suffered medically
Result: Corrective action requiring client to get additional education in patient care and diagnosis, otherwise no license consequence

Board Of Nursing

Case: Allegations of unprofessional conduct, poor patient care as well as job termination
Result: No adverse license consequence and client agrees to participate in HPSP

Case: Allegations concerning standard of care and ignoring patient complaints – patient died
Result: Client paid a civil penalty with no other license consequence

Case:  Client made medication error and patient died as a direct cause
Result: Client kept her license with no adverse consequence

Board Of Physical Therapy

Case: Allegations of inaccurate time keeping and billing
Result: Case dismissed

Case: Client intoxicated while at work, reported by patient
Result: Client had no license consequence and agreed to complete HPSP

Case: Client terminated due to concerns with patient care and boundaries
Result: Case dismissed and investigation remains confidential

Board Of Pharmacy

Case: Pharmacists mistakenly filled prescription with fertility drug rather than antidepressant
Result: Case dismissed, no disciplinary action

Case: Client gave opiates to patient without valid prescription
Result: Client allowed to work as a pain management consultant during temporary suspension

Board Of Social Work

Case: Allegation of repeated boundaries violations and unprofessional conduct with one client
Result: Client received specialized training and mentorship on boundaries and kept professional license

Case: Allegations of fraudulent billing and fraudulent client records
Result: Case dismissed

Board Of Psychiatry

Case: Allegations by client concerning breach of trust, privacy, ethics and unprofessional conduct
Result: Case dismissed with no public record

Board Of Radiology

Case: Client intoxicated while working with patient
Result: Client allowed to keep license while providing third party proof of sobriety