Defense Against Edibles Charges

Food, whether it is baked goods, candy or a good meal is a huge part of life for every human being. This is perfectly legal, but when the food is laced with marijuana, it becomes a crime. Many of us have heard that people bake brownies using marijuana as an ingredient, but the range of marijuana edibles is vast and increasing every day. From brownies to candy, cookies, gummy bears and mints, these edibles may seem completely harmless but can bring real consequences to your life. Jennifer Speas has been defending Minnesotans for more than 20 and helping to restore balance to their lives and get them past the turmoil caused by these charges.

Just Because It’s Food Doesn’t Mean It’s Legal

While many of us know that knowingly ingesting marijuana is as legally risky as smoking it, it brings other potential issues. Chief among them is accidental poisoning of an unknowing adult or even child. In these times, when THC-laced candy is quite popular and marijuana use is becoming more socially acceptable, the possibility of being charged with drug-related crimes has drastically increased. Your Minneapolis drug offense attorney has the skillset that you need to make sure that every facet of your case is brought to light and you receive the best possible defense. Sometimes ingestion of edible marijuana is completely accidental and if this is the case, you must have an attorney that knows how to highlight this in your defense.

Defending Your Rights

Your rights are very important, and while it might seem like a minor offense, it is very important to take marijuana-related offenses seriously. A conviction will stay on your permanent record and could cause potential headaches that last a lifetime. Your life can be heavily impacted by something as seemingly small as eating some brownies or gummy bears. Jennifer Speas has worked hard to craft defenses for people accused of many types of drug crimes. Your Attorney must be highly skilled so that your case can be navigated as painlessly as possible, so you can get back to living a happy and productive life.

Contact A Minneapolis Marijuana Crime Lawyer

Being charged with any kind of crime is a frightening experience. When you add an everyday, nonchalant activity like eating candy into it, it’s even more confusing. You deserve to have all of your options laid out clearly before you, and even more so, you deserve to be able to answer these charges with a strong defense. Contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-333-6160 today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about how your rights can be defended.