Defending Against Fraud Charges In State And Federal Court

Bribery | Counterfeiting | Extortion | Embezzlement | Insider trading | Money laundering | Public Corruption

Social Security Fraud | Corporate Fraud | Insurance Fraud | Medicare Fraud | Tax Fraud | Bank Fraud

Fraud crimes, also referred to as white collar crimes, are serious offenses. Both the state and federal courts handle white collar cases. White collar crimes are nonviolent illegal activities. These usually involve deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation or breach of trust.

Simply being charged with any of these crimes will damage your reputation and standing in the business community. Once your good reputation is lost, it is almost impossible to get back.

The state and federal courts take an aggressive stance where white collar crime is concerned. The courts will not hesitate to spend more money prosecuting white collar crimes than the defendant actually stole. They do this in order to send a message to other people, if you commit this kind of crime, we will catch you, and you will go to prison.

Many attorneys hesitate to take on these kinds of cases. Your attorney will need a thorough knowledge of how the government builds their cases to successfully defend you. Your attorney will also need to possess the resources necessary to handle your case. Jennifer Speas has the knowledge and the resources to be able to expertly defend white collar cases.

Many cases, such as insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, tax fraud and bank fraud, need skillful preparation during the investigative stage. Many times winning these cases depends on what happens during this stage. A conviction will subject you to hefty fines and possible federal jail time.

This is why you need to be very careful when hiring a Minneapolis fraud defense lawyer to represent you. You need an attorney who is familiar with defending white collar crimes. An attorney who knows what the courts look for in these cases and knows the best way to mount your defense.