Defending Minnesota Physicians’ Licenses

In some situations, the actions taken by a physician may be controversial and can result in accusations being made. After an accusation is made, you will have to appear before the applicable medical board. At this point having an experienced Minneapolis physician license defense attorney is imperative to assure that you are treated fairly and that you are defended properly against the accusations, ensuring the best outcome possible.

Just a few of the accusations that can be lodged against a physician include poor record-keeping, the improper standard of care, issues with documentation, chemical dependency issues, negligence and writing prescriptions without a medically viable reason. You deserve effective representation regardless of what you are being accused of. Possessing more than 25 years of experience defending Minneapolis & St. Paul and Twin Cities area citizens, Jennifer Speas can work with you to try to lessen the odds of your physician’s license being revoked or suspended.

Guidance Through The Investigation Process

Depending on which medical board you are to report to, the process of investigation can be different. Your attorney will fight with the goal of having the matter dismissed completely. The becomes a possibility after the investigation has concluded or after evidence has been presented to the board that proves there was no offense or concludes the evidence presented by the investigator is weak.

Most complaints that trigger investigations involve standard-of-care. Reasons behind the complaint and investigation range from drug and alcohol issues, sexual harassment or crimes committed outside of the profession. A patient can make an accusation about just about anything and that would be grounds for an investigation by the board.

In the event that you fall under investigation, you will likely be notified via letter that an investigation has begun. It is possible at this point that the investigator may wish to speak with you on the telephone. As soon as you have received notice of the investigation, you must contact your Minnesota physician license defense lawyer to ensure that you respond well within the declared timeline and have explored all facets of your case to navigate through it as painlessly as possible.

By Your Side Throughout The Disciplinary Process

As there are many cases that never even make it to the disciplinary process due in part to meritless claims or shoddy evidence, there are some cases that do make it to this next step. Jennifer Speas is experienced in guiding you through this stressful situation to achieve the best possible outcome. She can help you determine the best course of action when and if penalties are imposed. This is the point where you will either accept the punishment or fight it by appealing the board’s decision.

Your attorney can help you deal with other issues that may come as a result of the accusation such as arrests, insurance complications or chemical dependency issues that may be been a factor in the complaint being made against you. With Jennifer Speas, you have a powerful advocate that will stay with you and help you handle all of the related issues in the best way possible to get the best result.

Start Your Defense Today

You do not have to face this licensing board on your own, regardless of the merit of the claims.  Even though it’s not a requirement, it is important to keep in mind that having a lawyer on your side for this decreases the risk to your physician licenses so that you can get back to your life’s work. Contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 for an initial consultation to explore all of your rights and options.