Strong Defense For Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft is a crime that has become increasingly common in recent years. There are phone scams, credit card scams and many types of fraud that lead to the acquisition of a person’s identity for the purpose of using that identity for financial gain. While there are legitimate cases of identity theft, there are other cases when the investigation or charge may be mistaken. The moment you know that you are being investigated for identity theft, it is important to contact an experienced Minneapolis identity theft lawyer to represent you.

Jennifer Speas is well-versed in federal cases and has helped defendants throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities for over two decades. She knows how aggressively these cases are prosecuted and can meet the prosecution with a strong defense. Even if an act of identity theft occurred, there may be elements in the case that show the maximum consequences aren’t warranted. The goal is to achieve the best possible outcome in the case.

Protecting Your Rights

Identity theft can involve the theft of bank account information, passwords, PINs, social security numbers and other identifying information that could be used for financial gain. These cases can be very complicated. The prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the act occurred and the defense can cast doubt on that evidence.

The criminal penalties for identity theft depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • How many identities were taken
  • Why was the identity or identities used?
  • How much financial damage was done to the victim(s)?
  • How many people were involved?
  • Is there a prior criminal record?

Identity theft can be charged as a misdemeanor, such as in cases where there was a single theft and the amount of damage doesn’t exceed $250. If the financial damage is between $250 and $500, the charge is a gross misdemeanor. If the amount is greater than $500, then the charge is a felony and this could mean up to $10,000 in fines and 5 years in prison.

Fighting For Your Future

When charged with a crime of identity theft, you could face personal consequences, such as difficulty finding a job, renting an apartment, going back to school or acquiring a professional license.

There are different defenses that Ms. Speas can use. Identity information not being used for illegal purposes is one defense. Lack of criminal intent is another. There are even times false accusations happen. With a solid Minneapolis identity theft lawyer representing you, you have a chance at a better outcome than you would receive without having a powerful advocate in your corner.

Contact A Minneapolis Identity Theft Lawyer

An investigation into or a charge of identity theft is very serious because a federal conviction can lead to very harsh consequences. If you are being investigated for identity theft, it is imperative for you to seek the representation of a defense lawyer who understands how to fight against federal charges. To learn more about how the Speas Law Firm, P.A., can help you, call 612-284-1463 to request an initial consultation.