Skilled Criminal Defense Against Credit Card Fraud Allegations

In many cases of suspected credit card fraud, criminal charges often become gross misdemeanor charges. If you are convicted, it could spell serious consequences up to and including jail time. Your first and most important decision will be to call your defense attorney as soon as possible.

At Speas Law Firm, P.A., you can receive the legal representation you need when you have been accused of credit card fraud. You will work with Ms. Speas, a knowledgeable Minneapolis credit card fraud lawyer, who will treat you with compassion, evaluate your case and determine your best course of action.

Examples Of Credit Card Fraud

While no two credit card fraud cases are alike, Jennifer Speas will evaluate the facts surrounding your case and create the best strategy for your situation.

There are many offenses that are considered credit card fraud. Several examples of credit card fraud are as follows:

  • Using your own credit card to make a purchase, knowing that the credit card account does not have sufficient funds to cover the charge, the account is closed or invalid.
  • Using a credit card that you know has been stolen or illegally detained.
  • Using, taking, obtaining, signing, selling or buying another person’s debit card information or credit card.
  • Selling goods or services to another person knowing the individual using the card is not the card holder.
  • Using a cardholder’s credit card to make purchases online without their consent or knowledge.
  • Reproducing or selling illegal credit cards.

If you have been accused of any of these actions, time is of the essence. You must speak with your experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to learn about your rights and make sure that your interests are always top priority. Knowing your options could save time, money and heartache.

A Commitment To Your Future

In some cases, credit card fraud is considered a federal offense and is not handled in the standard Minnesota courts. Rather, your Minneapolis credit card fraud defense attorney will represent you in the federal court system. This is even more serious than your case being heard on a state level, as federal prosecutors are notoriously more aggressive. They are committed to securing a criminal conviction, and you must have a skilled Minnesota lawyer who is just as aggressive and committed to winning your case.

Many factors could be considered in your case that could result in reduced charges and in turn, reduced penalties. It should be the goal of your Minneapolis credit card fraud lawyer to ensure that your case receives the best outcome possible. Jennifer Speas will work with you, just as she has with many clients throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, to avoid fines, probation, restitution to the victim, and most importantly, jail time.

Contact A Minneapolis Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Because the crime of credit card fraud can easily cross state lines, it can be prosecuted at both the state and federal level. In that situation, the penalties can be especially severe. If convicted, you could end up serving time in a federal prison. If you or someone you know has been accused of committing credit card fraud, having a skilled attorney on the case could make all the difference. Don’t wait any longer. Call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., today at 612-284-1463 for an initial consultation.