Preventing License Revocation

Life becomes very difficult when your license has been revoked. It is very frustrating when your freedom has been limited because you can no longer get in your car and go where you want or need to go. With restrictions like this, you might find that you need to rely on public transportation or getting rides from friends or family.

Having a DWI charge against you means more than just the criminal punishment that comes with it. It also means there will likely be civil penalties such as high fines or losing your license. Jennifer Speas has more than 25 years of experience helping people in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Twin cities areas navigate situations such as this, getting the best results possible in your case.

In the event that you’ve been charged with DWI and your right to drive has been revoked, you can and should fight to have your license reinstated. There is a very limited window of time to do this and it’s essential that you have the help of an experienced Minneapolis license revocation lawyer to help you sort this all out and get back on the road to a brighter future.

What Happens If Your License Is Revoked?

Depending on the nature of the offense, a person’s license can be suspended or revoked for different periods of time. In a case where a person is found with a blood alcohol concentration below .16, a person could have their license suspended for 90 days provided there are no aggravating factors and they haven’t had other impaired driving incidents in the preceding 10 years.

The judge in your case will examine all previous offenses. If you have had an offense in the past 10 years, you may have your license suspended for a longer period of time than if you had no offenses. Aggravating factors can also increase the time of suspension leading up to a six-year suspension or even an indefinite revocation depending on the factors of the offense.

A Powerful Defense

You need an experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul Twin Cities area DWI Attorney so that your case can be handled in the best way possible and bring the results you need to get on with your life. Jennifer Speas has helped many Minnesotans fight the DWI charges against them and even retain some or all of their driving privileges. In some cases, it may be possible to qualify for a limited driver’s license that would still allow them to drive for the things they need in life. Your attorney will fight hard to make sure you retain as much mobility as possible.

Contact A Minneapolis License Revocation Lawyer

If you’ve found that your license has been revoked, you must fight the charges head-on and respond in the appropriate timeframe. With proper representation, you can receive the best results possible. To find out more about how your right to drive can be defended, contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 to schedule an initial consultation today.