Expungement Can Open Opportunities

If you have been convicted of a crime, it may be possible to have the offense removed from public view on your record. When a record is sealed, it won’t show up in background checks performed by employers, landlords, schools, or volunteer organizations. However, the record isn’t destroyed. It is still viewable by law enforcement. When you need the sealing of a criminal record to happen in Minnesota, you need a knowledgeable and competent Minneapolis expungement attorney to help you.

Honest And Straightforward Expungement Representation

Your record includes everything that has occurred within the legal system, such as charges, arrest, release, dismissed charges, convictions, sentences served, and acquittals. These records are public, which means anyone who performs a background check can find out about past criminal charges and/or offenses. If there is anything on your criminal record, it can be embarrassing and can keep you from doing things that you want to do, such as work for a specific company.

The reality is that expungements are difficult to win. Those that have been convicted of violent felonies or enhanceable offenses like DWI are never granted an expungement. Nonetheless, attorney Jennifer Speas has a better chance of having your record sealed if a case was resolved in your favor, if it was a criminal charge that didn’t go any further, or if the conviction was for an offense that wasn’t violent or enhanceable.

Although expungement is never guaranteed, winning can make it worth the time and effort. The only way to know that you have a chance is to speak to Ms. Speas. She is a highly-experienced Minneapolis expungement attorney who knows the chances, knows the law, and has the familiarity with the Minnesota court system that you need to have on your side.

Working Hard To Seal Your Record

When you have Ms. Speas in your corner, you can have the peace of mind that you have someone advocating for you who wants you to have the best possible future. Life is made harder when marks on your record keep you from moving forward. In some cases, there is hope for removing that hardship.

Contact A Minneapolis Expungement Attorney

Just because you have been charged with a crime doesn’t mean it has to remain on your record for the rest of your life. There are circumstances in which your record can be sealed so that you can get a job, find a place to live and do the things you need to do to better your life. To learn more about how Jennifer Speas can help you, call 612-284-1463 to request an initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Expungements

How long does an expungement take?

You must wait at least 60 days after your documents are filed before you are granted a hearing. If the expungement is granted it will be another 60 days before the court records are sealed.

Am I guaranteed an expungement?

No. Serious crimes like murder are never expunged and enhanceable crimes, such as DWI, are not expunged.

Are all criminal records public?

Typically, all adult criminal records are public and include criminal charges, conviction, dismissal, sentence, and conditions of probation.
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