Fighting Financial Fraud Charges

Many crimes can fall under the label of financial fraud. These crimes involve deceiving businesses or people out of money or property. These crimes are very serious and can result in harsh penalties, including restitution paid to the victim, large fines and even prison time. Securing a reputable Minneapolis financial fraud lawyer can help avoid a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life.

If you have been accused or charged with committing financial fraud, it is imperative that you find legal representation as soon as possible. A skilled Minneapolis & St. Paul criminal defense lawyer will guide you through the legal process, and address any questions or concerns that you may have along the way. When you contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., Jennifer Speas will immediately begin evaluating your case for the best possible outcome.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

Financial fraud is one of the easiest crimes to commit. For this reason, professionals working in the financial or business sectors are under constant scrutiny. Some of the most common types of financial fraud in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area include:

In many cases, the accusations of financial fraud turn out to be exaggerated or even baseless. While there may or may not be any merit to your charges, you always have the right to secure an experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul financial fraud lawyer to evaluate your case. The best time to contact Jennifer Speas is as soon as you learn you are being investigated or charged.

Protecting Your Future

If you have been charged with financial fraud, you could be facing severe penalties. Some of the punishment could include having to pay restitution to your victim, expensive fines and even time spent in a federal prison. As an example, if you were to be convicted of defrauding a business or individual out of millions through a financial transaction or investment, you could be facing fines in excess of $1 million, and well over 10 years in jail. Because the consequences are so severe, it is absolutely essential that you retain a reputable Minnesota financial fraud lawyer as soon as possible. While the maximum penalties are not always necessary, prosecutors will work tirelessly to secure a conviction. It is your right to fight any charges or accusations, and Jennifer Speas will guide you through every step of the process.

Contact A Minneapolis Financial Fraud Lawyer

Keep in mind that financial fraud case can be prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. These types of charges are taken very seriously at every level of the legal system. To avoid harsh penalties including a long-term prison sentence, you will need an effective defense strategy that will provide you with the best possible results. If you or someone you know has been accused of financial fraud, we can help. To learn more, please call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., as soon as possible at 612-333-6160 for an initial consultation.