Defense For Computer Scheme Charges

Computer schemes take many forms, but they all have a common goal. The goal is to defraud people out of money. Unfortunately, computer schemes have been on the rise in recent years and so have the accusations. While some accusations have merit, others don’t. If you have been accused of a computer scheme, it is important to seek the representation of an experienced Minneapolis white collar attorney who can get to the bottom of what occurred.

Jennifer Speas is knowledgeable in computer scheme accusations and how to defend against them.

Straightforward Representation

There are new computer schemes popping up all the time. Phishing is a common type. Perhaps an email comes to a person’s inbox and they click it, but they are led to a fake website. They enter their login information not realizing that they just handed that information to the phisher. These spam messages not only come through email, but they are now coming through instant messages and even text messages.

Other times, an attachment opened in an email can plant malware on a computer. This software is designed to steal information, usually financial information.

Regardless of what you are accused of doing, Ms. Speas will give you the straightforward representation you need. She will tell you what to expect and give you the information needed to make an informed decision.

Protecting Your Rights

No matter what occurred to lead to the accusation of committing a computer scheme, you have rights and they need to be protected. You also have a future and it is important that mistakes not interfere with your future more than they should. With the help of a Minneapolis white collar attorney, you can secure a better result in your case than you would receive otherwise. Ms. Speas is that attorney. She can use the facts in the case to build a solid defense.

Contact A Minneapolis White Collar Lawyer

Computer schemes happen every day, resulting in many victims who lose a lot of money. These schemes take the form of malware or phishing schemes. It is a form of embezzlement that can strike anyone at any time. If you have been accused of committing a computer scheme, it is important to seek the representation of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., for an initial consultation at 612-284-1463 today.