A Powerful Defense Against Marijuana Charges

When a person acquires a restraining order, they are obtaining an order that has been issued by the court because they feel their safety is threatened. They obtain the order against a person who has threatened them, committed an act of violence against them, or whose presence they find threatening. That person is then required to stay away from the person feeling threatened. Many times, a threat is left to perception, but the prosecution will be very aggressive if a violation occurs.

It’s not the end of the line if you’ve been accused of a marijuana-related crime. Jennifer Speas has over 25 years of experience defending clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the entire Twin Cities area. Having an experienced Minneapolis drug crimes defense attorney in your corner can make all the difference in your case.

Types Of Marijuana Charges

To determine the charge, the type of marijuana drug crime committed must be identified. For example, the selling of marijuana is categorized as a distribution type. The crime of selling marijuana is considered a very serious offense as it involves the spread of the drug throughout the local population and communities. In some cases, it can be hard to substantiate that the marijuana found in the person’s possession was actually for sale.

More marijuana-related crimes include:

  • Drug paraphernalia – Criminal charges can be brought against you if you have been found possessing drug paraphernalia. A 300$ fine can result from being charged and convicted of being found possessing a pipe or a bong.
  • Growing marijuana – Manufacturing a drug is a very serious offense.Depending on the amount being grown, a person could potentially be deemed a seller and distributor of marijuana.
  • Simple possession of marijuana – Serious criminal charges can be a result of just a small amount of marijuana being found in your possession. You could also face additional DWI consequences if marijuana was found in your motor vehicle and the arresting officer claims that you appeared to be under the influence and they observed the smell related to it.

A person can also be charged with a marijuana-related crime if they are in the possession of:

Crafting Your Strongest Defense

Jennifer Speas has over 25 years of experience defending Minnesotans and clients from the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas who have been charged with marijuana-related crimes. The building of your defense is imperative to receiving the best outcome possible and all evidence and circumstances must be thoroughly examined by a strong Minnesota drug crimes defense lawyer. Your attorney, having all of the facts available, can put together a defense that can get your life back to moving in the right direction.

Contact A Minneapolis Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

While being charged with a marijuana-related drug crime can seem like it isn’t much to worry about, it can be a serious charge that results in consequences that are severe. A conviction on your criminal record makes everyday things like finding a place to live, get a job and anything requiring a background check much harder than it would be otherwise. If you’ve found yourself facing marijuana-related criminal charges, you must defend yourself. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 for an initial consultation.