Protecting Nurses From Losing Their Licenses

Obtaining a nursing license was hard work, so you must protect it. However, mistakes can happen, and your record can be a solid defense to prevent the loss of your license. The licensing board must be shown why you deserve to maintain your license, even if there is a cost associated with potential disciplinary actions. To build this defense, you need an experienced Minneapolis nursing license defense lawyer working beside you.

Jennifer Speas will be by your side to navigate the entire process from the moment you are notified of the allegations until the case is concluded. Having an experienced attorney is imperative, as it allows you to continue to deal with the things you need to do before facing the board while leaving the stressful legal process to your professional license defense attorney. Doing so will decrease the odds of losing your license.

Fighting Complaints Made Against You

The source of complaints to the Minnesota Board of Nursing ranges from other nurses, patients, employers, families of patients, prosecutors, or law enforcement officers. Acts that happened with a fellow employee, patient or even something personal that could be deemed a potential interference with your ability to be a nurse can be reported.

Most often, complaints consist of falsification of documents, documentation errors, improper practices, patient abuse, being too unstable to practice, criminal conviction, drug abuse, negative reviews and unprofessional conduct. Many professional people throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Twin Cities have been accused of any of these but have successfully navigated the process with the help of Ms. Speas, a professional license attorney who gets to the bottom of the matter.

Advising You Through The Investigation Process

As soon as the Board of Nursing has received a complaint, they begin to investigate it. First is the informal Settlement Conference, followed by the Agreed Order Negotiations. Once all of the evidence has been put together, the nurse may face formal charges. Case proceedings will begin and at that time, your Minneapolis nursing license defense attorney can make motions to appeal or rehear the case. The actions of the board can be appealed in District Court if you and Ms. Speas aren’t satisfied with the actions of the board. A victory in District Court results in being able to keep your license.

This process is arduous, and the consequences of a lost license are far-reaching, so it is extremely important to have an experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul attorney involved as soon as possible. Having an attorney involved from the very start ensures that you meet the allegations with the strongest defense possible. Even if the process has begun and you haven’t yet contacted an attorney, having an attorney at some point increases the odds of your license being saved.

Do I Need An Attorney If I’m Being Investigated By The Minnesota Nursing Board?

Yes! Your license and livelihood could be in jeopardy. It’s vital to have professional advice, especially from an attorney with hundreds of hours of experience defending professional licenses.

You have worked hard to obtain your license, and it’s crucial to be proactive to protect it if someone files a complaint. You must convince the Minnesota Board of Nursing why you should keep your license, even if the board orders disciplinary action.

Common Complaints Against Nursing Licenses

Complaints originate from various sources, including patients, their families, law enforcement, hospitals and clinics, or other nurses. Some of the most common grievances are:

  • Falsifying documents
  • Documentation errors
  • Improper practices
  • Patient abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Criminal convictions
  • Negative reviews
  • Unprofessional conduct

Even seemingly minor interactions with patients, fellow employees or others can be reported if the person filing the complaint feels you cannot do your job as a nurse.

Understanding The Complaint Process

The nursing board investigates most complaints itself. After reviewing the case, it may send a letter and ask you to attend a hearing to get your response. If an in-person meeting is necessary, the review panel can:

  • Declare there’s a lack of evidence that you violated the Nurse Practice Act.
  • Decide that you need additional education and enter into an agreement for corrective action, which is not a disciplinary process.
  • Determine that grounds exist for disciplinary action and enter into an agreement with you over the remedies.
  • If an agreement can’t be reached, the panel can initiate a contested case hearing before an administrative law judge, who decides whether a violation of the Nurse Practice Act occurred.

If the judge rules a violation happened, the nursing board may impose discipline, including a reprimand, a suspension, revocation, conditions or limitations against the license and civil penalties.

Don’t Shrug Off A Complaint Notification

Regardless of whether the board asked you to respond to a complaint in writing, requested an in-person meeting or notified you by subpoena, do not take these charges lightly. You must respond promptly or your license can be automatically suspended.

Many nurses try to handle the process alone, thinking they can convince the board that charges are unwarranted or that the situation resulted from a misunderstanding. Remember that the board is there to protect the public and not you. They do not hesitate to suspend nursing licenses if necessary.

Don’t Go It Alone When Defending Your License

The Minnesota Board of Nursing’s complicated complaint process is arduous, and it can also have life-altering effects for you, your career and your family’s well-being. That’s why it is essential to consult with an experienced nursing license defense attorney as soon as you receive the complaint.

Lawyers who handle license defense cases can often predict what corrective action the board may be looking for and have those remedies in place before the hearing date. In situations where your attorney gets the case dismissed, the entire procedure remains confidential, meaning your employer isn’t notified of the complaint.

If the board and you cannot agree over disciplinary actions, your lawyer has significant experience arguing before an administrative law judge to protect your license or appealing the board’s disciplinary actions. Having an attorney involved from the very start ensures that you have the most vigorous legal defense possible.

Act Now To Protect Your License

If you have been accused of a violation, having Jennifer Speas advocating for you as your attorney can ensure that you keep your nursing license. Your license can be preserved with a solid defense that you can count on. To find out more about how the Speas Law Firm, P.A., can help you, call 612-284-1463 to schedule an initial consultation.