Protecting Juveniles From Criminal Charges

One of the most trying situations a person can deal with is the arrest of their child. Because the laws that apply to minors are different, it is essential that a juvenile case is handled differently than the case of an adult. Having a Minneapolis juvenile crimes defense attorney that specializes in crimes of this nature is the only way to effectively handle this situation for your family and yourself.

Jennifer Speas can help your child secure the best future possible if you are committed to making sure your child has the best legal representation possible. The focus of the defense should be on your child understanding the consequences and the crime instead of your child being sentenced to time in jail or a juvenile detention facility.

Juveniles In Adult Court

Some juvenile charges, depending on the severity, can be tried in an adult criminal court of law. It is imperative to have an attorney who is an expert in juvenile criminal defense so that everything possible is done to defend and ensure the rights of your child, as the consequences and penalties handed down in adult court are often more severe and punishing. In the event that the court determines to try your child’s case in adult court, you can be assured that they will have the best representation possible to solidify the best outcome.

Experienced Defense Against All Juvenile Crime Charges

Many different types of juvenile crimes exist and some of them are more common than other types. Crimes committed by juveniles are similar to crimes that are committed by adults, but the court in which the case is handled can dramatically affect the outcome. Familiar juvenile offenses include:

In some cases, juveniles may even be charged with harsh offenses such as sex offenses or even murder/homicide. At times, a child’s case may even be moved automatically to the adult court system if they have been accused of homicide or sex offenses as a result of the severity of those charges. If a child is believed to be at an age that they know better than to have committed the crime they are accused of due to its serious nature, the court system believes that the child can shoulder the same consequences that an adult would be handed. In cases such as this, your Minnesota criminal defense attorney can make all of the difference in the future of your child’s life.

Contact A Minneapolis Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

If your child has found themselves accused of criminal activity, it is essential that they be aggressively defended so that they can get on with their life and not be made to feel like a criminal. Even though Minnesota juvenile courts focus on rehabilitation to prevent the child from committing crimes in the future, a child may be prosecuted as an adult in some cases due to their age and the severity of the alleged offense. To schedule an initial consultation and learn more, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463.