Protecting Your Professional License

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In most states, health care and other professionals are licensed. This is the case in Minnesota as well. Any time that a client or patient files a complaint with the state licensing board, it is taken very seriously. In some cases, action might be limited to a written request for an explanation or could escalate into a judicial review. Jennifer Speas has over 25 years of experience representing health care and other professionals in matters involving their professional licenses.

The Process Explained

Due to the importance of your license to your ability to practice your profession, you must handle any complaint made against you swiftly and powerfully. If the issue isn’t resolved by explaining your side, you will need to consult with a Minneapolis and St. Paul professional license defense attorney. Your attorney has the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complicated process and ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.

In some instances, cases may escalate to the point of being investigated by the Minnesota Attorney General’s office. When your case has been turned over to them, these are the potential outcomes:

  • The case could be scheduled for a contest court hearing (this is rare)
  • The case could be sent to the Board for a conference
  • The case could be dismissed and closed
  • The case could be sent to a medical coordinator for a conference

The case will be heard by an administrative law judge and he or she will make a recommendation to the board. The right to an appeal is limited. Depending on your case, some of the information may be confidential and some facets may be subject to mandatory reporting.

The Board of Medical Practice governs physician assistants, acupuncture practitioners and respiratory therapists. Also licensed are athletic trainers, chiropractors, dieticians, and nutritionists, midwives, nurses, optometrists, physical therapists, psychologists and social workers under Minnesota laws relating to medical and public health occupations. Many other occupations are also subject to state licensing procedures. Jennifer Speas has experience in representing members of these various professions before their respective boards.

Contact An Attorney To Protect Your License

Any time that your professional license is threatened, it is essential to meet the charges against you head-on. A professional license is something that you worked very hard for and you need to defend it in the strongest manner possible. Jennifer Speas has been defending licensed professionals throughout her entire career and will work to make sure every facet of your case is explored to ensure you the best outcome possible. To find out more about how your rights can be defended, contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 today to schedule an initial consultation.