Defending Therapists Against Professional Threats

Being a therapist means having a responsibility to the well-being of your patients. You are trusted with the most intimate specifics of their lives because they are seeking a change in them. When you find that you have been accused of violating ethics that you pledged to follow when providing treatment, or allegations have been made against you that reflect poorly on your profession, the state board is likely to get involved.

In the event that you find yourself under investigation by the state board because a patient, co-worker, another person or colleague reported a violation, you must contact your Minneapolis therapist license defense lawyer immediately. Jennifer Speas has over 25 years of experience helping therapists clear their names and protect their licenses. It is essential that your response to these allegations be swift and strong so that you can prevent the suspension or revocation of your license.

Navigating The Investigation

As the investigation process begins, you will receive notification of it via postal mail. It is possible that the investigator will request a phone interview with you, but you do not have to talk to anyone without consulting your attorney beforehand. Even the most innocent statement can be turned around and used against you by the investigator or the state board. Your lawyer can and will advise you on what you should or should not say.

If record requests are made by the investigator, you can allow them access to your office without making statements that could cause a problem for you in your case. It is possible that with the right defense, the accusations against you could be dismissed.

By Your Side During The Informal Hearing

It is a very good idea to have your attorney present if you are called to appear before the board in a not-so-informal hearing. Evidence in your favor can be presented by your Minneapolis therapist license defense lawyer that can help you maintain your license. Once the hearing has concluded, the board will either dismiss the matter or decide to move forward with disciplinary action.

You do not have to accept it if the board decides to take disciplinary action. The decision can be appealed if you do not agree. An appeal could bring reinstatement of your license if it is revoked or suspended. A positive outcome is most likely when you have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the proceedings.

Consult A Minneapolis Therapist Defense Lawyer

A state license is a requirement for a therapist as they are such a necessary part of society. If your license is under fire because of an allegation of ethics violation or another type of accusation, you are entitled to a strong defense to protect it. You must not just accept the accusations and settle for the repercussions that will surely follow. You must secure an attorney with the experience to fight for you and protect your license and your ability to practice. To learn more about your rights and how you can defend yourself best, contact the Speas Law Firm at 612-284-1463 to schedule your initial consultation today.