Defense Against Charges For Common Inventory Crimes

Businesses are exposed to potential fraud every single day. In addition to point of sales fraud, breach of contract, and other issues, there is the embezzlement of delivered or received items. This is also called “inventory fraud” and it is very serious. If you have been accused of inventory fraud, it is important to secure a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so work can begin on your defense.

Types Of Inventory Embezzlement

The most common inventory embezzlement scheme is simple theft. Perhaps this involves collusion between the delivery person and the person receiving the inventory. The receiving clerk signs for fewer items than received and the unaccounted for items are sold to other parties for a profit. Inaccurate completion of load sheets is common in such schemes.

Another form of inventory embezzlement is ordering excess inventory and then converting the excess for personal use. Sometimes a person will have the items delivered to another business or their personal residence. For instance, a construction worker ordered too much inventory, removed it from the job site and sold the items to other parties.

Submitting invoices for products never received or services never rendered is also considered a type of embezzlement of delivered or received items.

There are many possibilities and Jennifer Speas is aware of them. This experience can help you in your defense, as more than two decades of experience has given her the knowledge to build a solid defense.

Advising You Of Your Rights And Options

Throughout the legal process, Ms. Speas will advise you of your rights and options. Rights need to be protected, which she will ensure. Any rights violation will be met with the appropriate action. As a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in white collar crimes, such as inventory fraud, she will advise you of the possibilities when presenting you with options that can influence the outcome of your case. Through good communication and guidance, you will feel confident when making decisions.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Embezzlement doesn’t always involve money, but can also involve inventory. Sometimes called “inventory theft,” the embezzlement of delivered or received items is something that is very serious. If you have been accused of this type of embezzlement, it’s important to seek the representation of a committed and competent criminal lawyer as soon as possible. To learn more, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 to request an initial consultation.