Real Estate License Defense In Minneapolis

Although it doesn’t seem like a real estate license is something that a person could be in jeopardy of losing at times, it does indeed happen. Just a simple accusation from one person for a myriad of reasons such as fraud, incomplete or forged paperwork, misconduct or anything deemed unethical can result in a complaint being made to the Real Estate Board. Sometimes these claims have validity and in other cases, they do not. In some situations, a complaint is made because of a simple mistake or misunderstanding, Many excellent agents have found themselves on the receiving end of such claims against them and in need of a strong defense to help retain their license.

Jennifer Speas has over 25 years of experience in situations just like this. If you have been informed that a complaint has been filed against you, you will need a strong and experienced Minneapolis real estate license defense lawyer to aid you in your response to these allegations. In any circumstance that a complaint has been made, the State Board will investigate and ultimately make their decisions based on the results of the investigation.  Solid preparation and a well-planned strategy could make all of the difference in your situation.

Accused Of Misconduct

One of the most typical reasons an agent receives a complaint is because of misconduct. How an agent behaves both on and off of the job can be grounds for an allegation that could result in having your license suspended or revoked. Any action that might be interpreted as a poor reflection of the profession could be deemed by the board to be deserving of sanctions. Sanctions may include:

  • Continuing education
  • Fines
  • License revocation
  • Lawsuits against the real estate brokerage
  • License suspension

Many accusations have been lobbied against real estate agents such as practicing without a license, fraud, conflicts of interest, misappropriation of escrow, not disclosing seller affiliations, making misrepresentations and many more. Of all of these, Fraud has a tendency to be another issue entirely, as it often results in the possibility of criminal charges and time in prison.

Building A Strong Defense

Facing the allegations against you with a strong defense and all of the facts available can help you prove that the offense doesn’t warrant revocation or suspension of your license or even that the offense never occurred. It is imperative that all facets of the situation be brought to light so that the entire process can be navigated as painlessly as possible. If the complaints against you do result in suspension or revocation of your license, it is possible that your Minneapolis real estate license defense lawyer could help you get it reinstated by means of the appeal process.

Do Not Let Your Real Estate License Go Without A Fight

Earning the right to practice as a real estate agent requires tremendous effort and steadfastness. Because you have put so much into becoming licensed, you should not let it go without a fight. Jennifer Speas can guide you through the process and help you find every avenue to ensure the best possible result in your situation. Contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about your rights and how to protect them.