Resolute Defense Against Harassment Charges

When someone behaves in a way that causes a person to feel afraid, it is considered to be harassment. In most cases, the alleged victim is made to feel oppressed, intimidated, threatened or persecuted. Harassment can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the type of conduct, the age of the alleged victim if the harassment was based on disability, sex, national origin or race or if a weapon was used.

Regardless of why you are being accused of this crime, you need a highly aggressive and expertly crafted defense from a Minneapolis & St. Paul harassment attorney who has many years of success in helping clients move past their cases and on with their lives.

Restraining Order Violations

When a person has determined they are being stalked or harassed, they may feel they need to get a no-contact order to keep the accused away from them. They obtain a protection order or restraining order by petitioning the court to keep the accused at bay. If the accused does not comply with the restraining order they will be jailed or arrested. The consequences become more severe each time the accused violates the protection order. If you are accused, you need a solid defense attorney defending you against the charges.

Interfering With Privacy

In years past, a type of harassment known as interference with privacy was a crime that window peepers were often charged with. Now the definition of this charge has expanded to cover a broader range of harassment including the use of telephone, computers or devices that can spy on people inside of their own house or apartment. If a situation like this arises and an invasion of privacy is claimed, you could be charged with harassment and be arrested.


Threats of harassment can also involve threatening statements. Sometimes what someone says can be misinterpreted as a threat and thus becomes your word against theirs. In some events, a threat or statement that is perceived to be a threat can result in a charge of terroristic threat. Making terroristic threats goes beyond threats of mass destruction and destabilization. A terroristic threat can result from simply brandishing a water pistol or making threats towards a person. Anything that causes a person to feel terrorized, including threats of mass destruction and bomb threats, are also classified as terroristic.

Your Minneapolis harassment lawyer will help you lay out the facts of your case if you’ve been accused of harassment on threat making. Being accused of making threats or harassment doesn’t make you guilty of these charges. In many cases, once the facts are known it becomes clear that the alleged victim simply misunderstood an action as harassment or a threat. The case can be dismissed or the defendant can be acquitted of the charges once this has been proven in court.

Contact A Minneapolis And St. Paul Harassment Lawyer

In the case that you find yourself accused of making threats or harassing someone, it is important to have a solid defense in place. Stalking, threats and criminally harassing someone can fall in line with such activities as terroristic threats. In the event that you have been suspected of protection order violation, stalking, harassment or any other criminal activity, you can obtain a positive outcome with the help of Jennifer Speas. Contact the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 to initial consultation.