Strong Defense For Traffic Violation Charges

Most driving violations are called payable offenses. This means that a person can pay their traffic ticket without facing additional consequences. Unfortunately, a number of these offenses carry serious consequences that go beyond the payment of a fine. For instance, a person driving after suspension (DAS) or driving after revocation (DAR) and driving without insurance or proof of insurance can face additional consequences.

If you have driven a vehicle after your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for DWI/DUI, failure to pay child support or another offense, then you can be charged with a serious crime. This is more than just a payable offense. Your Minneapolis criminal defense attorney will work to reveal the facts and help you achieve the best result possible.

Experience With All Types Of Traffic Violations

Jennifer Speas has experience representing clients accused of all types of traffic violations. These violations can include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Negligent homicide or manslaughter involving a vehicle
  • Hit-and-run

The charge for these acts can result in a hardship, especially when a conviction can lead to revocation of the driver’s license. Through revocation, an individual is unable to run errands, drive their children to where they need to go, drive to work, and even drive on vacation. Work permits may be given in certain cases. Even so, a person can only drive to and from work and not doing just that and getting caught can result in loss of the work permit and other consequences.

Highly Effective Advocacy

When you are accused of a traffic violation, it is your right to fight the ticket or the charge. The minimum consequence is a negative mark on your driving record, and this can have an effect on insurance rates and on your job if you have to have a clean driving record. Too many offenses can lead to license suspension or revocation, so it is best to have as few offenses as possible.

By choosing the effective advocacy of an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer, it is possible to receive a much better result. It can be tempting to plead guilty in an effort to put the charges behind you as soon as possible so you can move on, but this can have a negative impact on your future. You have the right to fight the charges, and you can exercise that right. Winning through dismissal, reduced charges or acquittal can result in a much better future for you.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is very easy to simply pay a traffic ticket or not challenge it if the matter goes to court. Even if you pay a ticket, you are admitting guilt, and this can result in a negative mark on your driving record. This mark can affect your job if you are required to have a clean record, as well as your insurance rates. To find out how an experienced defense attorney can help you, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A., at 612-284-1463 for an initial consultation.