Defending Your Gun Rights

A person being in possession of a firearm or a weapon of any kind can be punished by many statutes in Minnesota. Failing to carry the correct permit or using the weapon to commit a crime like assault, drug dealing or robbery can result in charges being filed. Having a weapon in your possession during criminal activity will likely exacerbate the penalty if convicted of the crime initially charged. Further punishment includes a standalone prison sentence, a longer prison sentence or any other penalty that a judge deems necessary.

Having more than 15 years of expertise fighting for those charged with criminal offenses, including weapons and other related offenses, Jennifer Speas has the knowledge to make sure your case receives the best possible conclusion. If your gun rights are under scrutiny or you find yourself charged with a crime, you can speak with a dedicated Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in fighting hard for your rights.

In-Depth Knowledge Of State And Federal Gun Regulations

The restriction and regulation of gun ownership are prevalent at both state and federal levels in many states. Nonetheless, more than 50 percent of United States households are gun owners. In Minnesota, individuals have the right to conceal and carry a pistol or gun in public granted they have the proper permit. This rule does have exceptions.

When a sign is posted in a public place, be it on a door or elsewhere, that states that guns are prohibited on the property, this trumps the conceal and carry rule. Churches in Hennepin County have the right to ban firearms from being within the building or on the property.

Consequences Of Gun Charge Conviction

Being convicted of a gun charge in Minnesota can bring very stiff consequences. Among them is losing your constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon. The loss of the right to vote is another potential consequence. When convicted of a gun law crime, the federal law clearly states that if the conviction led to one year or more of being imprisoned, that person has lost the right to sell, accept transport, or own weapons or ammunition. A person can be banned for life from possessing a gun because of violent offenses, for instance, any felony conviction or misdemeanor domestic assault. When it comes to losing gun rights the two aforementioned types are most often the reason a person has no longer has the right to own a gun.

While in some cases gun rights may be non-recoverable, there are a few situations in which they can be recovered. Talking to a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer about your situation and having your options clearly presented to you is the best way to find out. In the event that you’ve been charged with criminal activity involving a gun, you need an aggressive attorney to ensure that your case is concluded in the best possible manner.

Contact A Minneapolis Gun Rights Attorney

You need an accomplished attorney to defend you if you’ve been brought up on weapons charges. You may also find yourself in need of a skilled attorney who can aid you in returning your gun rights to you. Speas Law Firm, P.A., can help you. To learn how, schedule an initial consultation by calling 612-284-1463.