Defending Your Future Against Internet Crime Charges

Perhaps one of the most common internet crimes, and also the most serious, is possession of child pornography that has been acquired over the internet. Other internet crimes include but are not limited to identity theft, cyberstalking, internet fraud and computer hacking.

If you have been accused of an internet crime, you could be facing severe charges. These charges can have devastating effects on both your personal and professional life. You could have difficulty finding a home to rent or lease, landing a job, going to school, or passing a background check. As soon as you know you have been accused, you must work quickly to secure a knowledgeable Minneapolis internet crimes lawyer.

Aggressive Tactics, Significant Penalties

Nearly all internet crimes are charged as felonies, such as computer fraud and cyberstalking. However, more serious crimes, such as child pornography can result in the convicted party having to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

Because the victims of child pornography are innocent minors, law enforcement often carries out undercover operations. They enter chat rooms posing as minors and engage in sexual conversations. If the individual they are chatting with continues the conversation even after being alerted to the fact that they are talking to a minor, an attempted meeting is set up and thus, an arrest soon follows. The evidence gleaned from chat rooms can turn into very serious charges and lengthy jail time. It is very important that you secure a Minnesota internet crimes attorney to explain your rights and options.

Building A Strong Defense

Because of the serious nature of internet crimes charges, a Minneapolis & St. Paul internet crimes lawyer must be familiar with the laws pertaining to these crimes. They must be able to evaluate your case and build the most effective defense. Your attorney will review any information linked to your case, including email records, text messages, chat histories and web searches to confirm what crimes if any have been committed.

While you may feel pressured into pleading guilty, do not, as there may be circumstances or facts in your case that could work in your favor. As a result, your charges may be completely dismissed or reduced before ever reaching trial. Even if your case does end up being heard in court, a good criminal defense could still lead to conviction of a lesser crime or an acquittal.

It should also be noted that while conviction does have an impact on your future, the shorter jail sentences or lighter penalties will have a much more positive effect than stricter punishments. Your Minnesota internet crimes attorney will make it their goal to achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact A Minneapolis Internet Crimes Lawyer

Since the internet is a method of communication, internet crimes are taken very seriously. These crimes can result in both state and federal charges, and can even fall into the realm of wire fraud as well. Jennifer Speas is an experienced attorney who will evaluate your case and explain the charges against you along with the penalties that result from them. To find out more about how our firm can help you, call 612-284-1463 for an initial consultation.