What to do if you fail a drug test at your Minnesota workplace

Drug testing is common in many workplaces, especially in safety-sensitive industries. Failing a drug test can be a distressing event with potentially serious consequences for your job. However, it does not necessarily mean the end of your employment.

If you fail a drug test at your Minnesota workplace, there are several steps you can take to address the situation.

Understand your employer’s policy

It is important to understand your employer’s drug testing policy. This policy should outline the procedures for drug testing and the consequences of a failed test. Knowing this can help you understand what to expect next.

Request a retest

If you believe there was an error with your drug test, you have the right to request a retest. This can be especially important if you think the initial test resulted in a false positive, possibly due to certain medications or food.

Seek substance abuse support

If you have a substance abuse problem, it is important to seek help. Minnesota has many resources available for substance abuse treatment and counseling. Taking proactive steps to address the issue can show your commitment to your recovery and may positively impact your employer’s response.

Communicate with your employer

Open communication with your employer is essential. If you have a legitimate reason for the positive test result, such as a prescription medication, share this information with your employer. If you are seeking substance abuse treatment, let your employer know.

Under Minnesota law, employers cannot immediately fire an employee for a first-time positive drug test. The law requires employers to give the employee an opportunity to participate in a counseling or rehabilitation program. Understanding your rights can help protect you from unfair treatment.