3 FAQs about the Minnesota marijuana legalization bill

The Minnesota bill to legalize recreational marijuana continues to advance and has passed through numerous House committees.

Lengthy and full of modifications, many people may wonder what the future may look like. While still uncertain, the below key questions often get asked.

1. When would legal sales start?

The state has not identified a start date. Even if the bill gets signed into law, a number of factors will play into actual sales. Along with the time it takes to grow the plants, the goal also remains to ensure an optimal supply before sales begin. Additionally, future retailers will need to go through a licensing process. The bill does allow people to grow marijuana, up to eight plants, in their homes for personal use only.

2. What usage rules apply?

The legislation states that only people 21 and over can use marijuana. That usage may only happen in private residences or on private property, as well as locations with marijuana licenses. Similar to alcohol laws, people could not use cannabis products in a motor vehicle on the move or on school buses or grounds.

3. How will it affect licensed professionals?

Although a legal substance, it may not mean everyone over 21 will get to participate. Employers still have the right to ensure drug-free workplaces, especially for people in safety-related roles. Every facility may differ, making it important to consult with human resources. Even if Minnesota decriminalizes marijuana, the federal government considers it illegal. Any federal employees could still get fired for marijuana use.

While the bill has significant support, including from the governor, potential rewrites and amendments may continue to slow down the process.