5 daily steps to protect a nursing license

Pursuing a nursing license takes dedication and a lot of hard work. Nursing is a time-honored profession with immense responsibilities. But even the most diligent professional can make a mistake or face untrue or unfair allegations.

Complaints to the Minnesota Board of Nursing can ultimately result in disciplinary action, including suspensions or license revocations. That’s why it’s essential to consult with an experienced license defense attorney when a complaint arises.

Common complaints leading to licensing investigations

An allegation doesn’t mean a person is guilty of any wrongdoing. Accusations often result over:

  • Documentation errors
  • Falsified documents
  • Improper practices
  • Drug abuse
  • Unprofessional conduct

Develop an organized daily approach to the job

While nurses may never be free of the potential for a complaint to be filed, they can mitigate the risk by taking these five steps:

  • Communication: Strive to communicate clearly with doctors, nurses and other professionals. This will help avoid mistakes that can lead to medical errors and jeopardize a patient’s outcome.
  • Follow protocol: Health care facilities can be stressful and fast-paced work environments. Avoid taking any shortcuts that are out of line with the facility’s standards and the duty of care to patients.
  • Don’t rely on coworkers: Make sure you complete all assigned responsibilities. Don’t assume a coworker will handle your duties, even if it’s at your request.
  • Keep social media private: Everything you post online reflects on you as a professional as well as an individual. Negative or controversial posts and images can impact a license during an investigation.
  • Be aware of scrutiny: Nursing is heavily regulated, and state boards often take quick action to suspend or revoke nursing licenses. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make sure you perform your duties appropriately.

What should you do if someone files a complaint?

Complaints often happen in the nursing profession, and many are without merit. But any allegation can lead to board investigations, which can develop into formal charges. It can be a grueling process with devastating consequences if a license is revoked.

Your license defense attorney will employ the best strategy to disprove allegations or mitigate penalties. They can also make motions to appeal a ruling and have a case reheard. Working with an experienced lawyer at the earliest opportunity helps you receive the strongest defense possible.