#MeToo? – Defending Against False Sexual Assault Claims


The rise of the #MeToo campaign on social media has brought to light a lot of sexual abuse that has gone on for years unreported, empowering a number of women to face their tormentors. However, like any good wave, there is usually a bad wave that follows behind it. In this case, it is an increase false sexual assault allegations against men in order to cruelly ruin their lives and reputations.

The social media campaign has made it so that sexual assault is vilified, as it perhaps should be. However, the real issue is that those now accused of it as considered guilty until proven innocent in a court of law when it should remain the other way around. Celebrities such as TV talk show host Chris Hardwick and Houston Astros pitcher Roberto Osuna were accused of sexual assault and promptly faced near-career ruining punitive measures only for the charges to be completely dropped later. Even after the dropped charges, the damages were not all undone and their reputations will likely suffer for years to come.

Furthermore, seeing that there is often no consequences of making these false allegations, some other women have taken making false allegations against men that have wronged them. This is not only horrifying for those targeted, but it weakens the integrity of #MeToo and very real victims of sexual assault. In truth, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) cites false allegations of sexual assaults as rather rare, with only about 10% of cases being false. However, after the rise in reporting, so, too, has the rise of false reports.


When you find yourself the target of false sexual assault accusations, you need to start actions to protect yourself immediately. In this scary culture of guilty until proven innocent, your defense needs to be swift to mitigate any potential damage.

This proactive defense starts with contacting a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as soon as you suspect an investigation underway. Every sexual assault case can differ, and as such, your lawyer can guide you on what specifically you need to do at every step. If you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault in Florida, contact an attorney like Thomas C. Grajek to find your constitutional rights and how they can affect your criminal case. Being accused can be shocking and scary, but ensuring you take this vital step is essential for protecting your future.

A solid defense will often start with a lot of documenting your interactions. Your lawyer will want to know the specifics of any interaction that you had with the accuser as well as any potential witnesses of the events. For many, it helps to create a timeline starting from day one and going all the way to the present.

If you have yet to talk to a defense lawyer, definitely do not talk to police until you do. The truth will set you free eventually, but talking to the police without a lawyer is not the way you get to that point. It is sad, but often they don’t care about “your side of the story” so much as they care about locking up a person they view as a criminal.

Unfortunately, even if you get the charges dropped, the mere accusation can have damaging effects on your life. It could break up your family, push away your friends, and even cost you a job. You do have the right to sue your accuser for defamation in civil court, but unfortunately there is yet to be any criminal consequences for false accusations.


Have you been arrested for sexual assault in Minnesota? Whether the arrest is a false accusation or a real one, the Speas Law Firm can help you. Your defense needs to be stalwart and that begins with the help of an experienced lawyer that can fight sexual assault allegations every step of the way before they ruin your life.