How Escorts Differ From Prostitution in Minnesota


Minnesota has cracked down hard on prostitution over the years, recently stepping up their activities to limit the act on areas around the internet. Yet, even though law enforcement has stepped up their efforts, you may still see advertisements for businesses that seem an awful lot like prostitution – escort services.

Escort services have existed for years, it used to be you found them in the yellow pages before the internet truly began to flourish. Now most have websites that allow their business to flourish even more. However, escort services need to walk a very careful line to remain an escort service instead of a prostitution service.


The difference between these two people providing a service is typically very clear. A prostitute will be offering sex in exchange for money. They can do this on the street as is the stereotype or over the internet as is the more modern occurrence. An escort, on the other hand, is a person offering companionship in exchange for money. They will go on dates, attend business parties, even just go talk to you for an evening. You aren’t paying them for sex – or so the business owner says.

Furthermore, one very important fact to consider about escorts such as this Asian escorts outcall service and others available on the internet, is that it is not illegal to pay someone to go on a date with you, have a wonderful time, and then go back and engage in consensual sexual activity even if they are on the clock. Really as long the money is specifically not earmarked for sex, it is legal to pay someone to spend time with you.

This is why many escort services charge a rather high premium as many may have sex on the table, but they can only bring it up in a willing engagement and not asking for money.


What is uniquely interesting about escort services is that they typically provide legal protection to the client. One of the primary ways that escort services get busted is they undergo law enforcement stings. This is why escorts can be particularly squirrelly when it comes to the wording of sex in order to protect themselves.

Of course, if the escort service is offering sex inside their place of business, everyone involved is playing a risky game if law enforcement decides to shut the operation down.

In order for both parties to be protected, it is important that there is never even the suggestion that sex will be exchanged for money. Furthermore, anything ranging from full intercourse to oral to even just naked cuddling is considered sexual in nature and can be prosecuted if paid for.

The act need not even occur either, simply agreeing to pay for sex or sexual favors is a crime. So, in essence, if you are busted in an escort service that provides services at a specific location, even if you have your clothes on, you could be facing solicitation charges.


Escort services are a unique loophole that has helped many get around prostitution laws in most states.

Furthermore, many are actually quite legitimate businesses that protect sex workers that would otherwise suffer in traditional prostitution. However, engaging in escort services with the specific desire for sexual relations is a gamble at all times. If you have been arrested for engaging in prostitution, whether you were the paying customer or the service provider, you need to take the charge seriously.

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