Does Hiring a Lawyer Before Charges Make You Look Guilty?


When the average person thinks of those under arrest, they think of criminals. They think that could never be them right up until it is them, even if they know they are innocent. When you are under investigation by police, it is terrifying, even if you do know you committed a crime. However, every criminal defense attorney will tell you that step number one is to contact them before the charges are even filed. However, whether you are guilty or innocent in the crime they are investigating, some will wonder if calling in a criminal defense attorney makes them look immediately guilty to law enforcement.


It is true that if you get a criminal defense lawyer before charges have even been filed, it may make the police look at you a little closer. Yet, that doesn’t mean they will completely shift their focus to you instead of others. If they are investigating multiple suspicious people, it means they already think that each one is potentially guilty. However, it is often forgotten that attorneys aren’t just there for your legal defense, they are also there to make sure your rights are upheld.

While law enforcement will have to work inside certain legal confines while investigating a crime, they know many ways of just pushing those boundaries. A detective working on an investigation has been trained extensively in how to talk to people as well as how to read them. They will employ a number of tactics to try to get the information that they desire. By having a lawyer present, it can not only make sure you don’t say something you should not have, but it can also make sure the investigation is within the confines of the law.

As detectives are even allowed to lie to you to a certain extent, it can make their investigation methods effective. We all know that they can even evoke false confessions from innocent people on occasion as well. While having a lawyer may make you more suspicious, it is always the smart play regardless of your innocence of guilt in the matter.


As an innocent person, you may want to look like an innocent person. Yet, as a criminal, you may also want to look like an innocent person. This is why how you look to the police doesn’t really matter. It is this desire to appear to look innocent that has many people not contacting a lawyer when they really should be. However, it is crucial to remember that the criminal justice system does not function based on how you look. Everything from their decision to file charges and proceed to court depends on the evidence of the case and not how the accused looks to police or prosecutors. There have been plenty of shady characters let go from custody because there wasn’t evidence for their case, typically thanks to their utilization of a lawyer.

Instead of focusing on how not to look guilty, you should be hiring a criminal lawyer to make sure you don’t give them any evidence against you. Everything you say while being investigated can be used against you. Therefore, it is only to your benefit to have a lawyer by your side and only say what they advise you to say.


If you find yourself under investigation or even under arrest for a crime, don’t try to defend yourself to police. Contact us and let the professionals at Speas Law Firm do the job. Even if you are guilty of a crime, we can help limit the evidence they can gather to help negate many potential punishments.