Arrested For Prostitution in Minnesota as an Out-of-State Visitor


Whether it is to explore any one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, taking in a Vikings game, or to just have a bit of fun in the Twin Cities, many come to Minnesota from out-of-state to enjoy all that the state has to offer. However, what happens if that bit of fun expands into a more criminal area and you get caught for it? While prostitution isn’t one of Minnesota’s many advertised attractions, it can be an attraction for some out-of-state visitors. However, if you are arrested for it, you may not have the time to stick around for the charges, so what do you do next?


If you have been arrested for prostitution your first step as it should be with any arrest is to contact a criminal defense attorney in Minnesota. Even if you have a preferred criminal defense attorney from your home state, your lawyer will need to be able to practice law in Minnesota. Furthermore, it is only to your benefit to have someone in town to deal with the court procedure. So a local lawyer is not only preferable, but necessary.

Once you get in contact with a criminal defense attorney, they can help get you out of jail from the arrest so that you can return home. It is crucial that, even after this happens, you stay in touch with your lawyer. The next step comes in building your defense case. Your lawyer will want to gather all the facts of the case first, which can be done over the phone, if necessary. Your Minnesota criminal defense attorney can also represent you during certain court dates without you present. However, while some court appearances can be waived, you may need to appear in some necessary court dates, though your attorney will let you know ahead of time so you can adjust your schedule.


If you are from another state and charged with prostitution, it may be to your benefit to investigate a plea deal with the help of your lawyer. Just because you live in another state does not mean Minnesota won’t place you in prison for your crime. While a plea deal may not be the most ideal arrangement in many crimes, typically it can be the best possible route in a prostitution case.

Your lawyer may be able to work with the court to cut a deal that avoids jail time. It may mean higher fines or probation, but if it can be plead down to a lesser charge, you may be able to avoid jail time and a criminal charge that will go on your record.


After your Minnesota lawyer has helped you get out of jail after an arrest, you may return home and the thought may cross your mind that if you ignore the charges, nothing will happen. This is the worst possible thing you can do. Those charges will not go away, but rather will breed new and worse charges. They will even go so far as to place a warrant out for your arrest in your home state.

Prostitution charges may not be the most serious criminal charges, but they are not charges that will go away. It will always be your best option to work with a local lawyer to try and negate the punishments as much as possible.


Have you been arrested for prostitution in Minnesota? Regardless of if you were from out-of-state or not, contact us today so we can help you. The Speas Law Firm is dedicated to not only helping local Minnesotans in legal trouble, but visitors to this fair state that find themselves in legal trouble as well.