Minnesota Controlled Substance Defense Lawyer & College Students

Minnesota’s Controlled Substances Laws are known for their severity. Therefore, a drug crime is a grave accusation as the laws promise serious consequences that can have long-term repercussions on your life. A conviction carries a hefty penalty of imprisonment or a hefty fine. For a college student, the effects transcend criminal penalties and mar their otherwise promising future.

Prosecution of drug crimes in the state proceeds with unrelenting aggression, but with the help of an experienced defense attorney such as Jennifer Speas, you can have an even more audacious defense.


Drug offenses range from the simple possession to the exclusive manufacturing and the dreaded dealing and trafficking. However, accusations levelled against college students are typically possession and minute sale. Fortunately for you, or your child, Attorney Jennifer Speas has expert knowledge and experience handling the entire class of drug crimes.

Drugs for which a person is culpable for prosecution include the following:

  • Altered over the counter drugs. While over the counter drugs are legal, abusing prescription drugs to achieve a high or create an illicit substance is illegal. Not only are these substances illegal, but also lethal. The recurrent appearance of altered over the counter drugs in Minneapolis and Saint Paul has caught the attention of law enforcement.
  • Ecstasy. Also known as Molly, XTZ, MDMA, Thizz, X, among others, this is a recreational drug associated with clubs. Regardless of it being a designer drug, the main compound is methamphetamine hence molly is illegal and charges of possession, intent to sell or manufacturing are severe and punishable under the law. Therefore, it is imperative you call a lawyer immediately.
  • Controlled substances. The quantity of the drug often determines the severity of the charges and the subsequent penalty for possession or intent to sell a controlled substance.
  • Marijuana. Before authorities level charges for marijuana-related crimes, the type of offense must be identified as either possession, growing, drug paraphernalia, or distribution. There is a fine line between possession and distribution of marijuana as it often hard to prove the intention of the accused. Possession of marijuana-infused substances such as wax, edibles, and oil is also illegal in Minnesota.
  • Cocaine. The illegality of cocaine is similar to that of other illicit substances. However, a drug offense involving cocaine is momentous, and both law enforcement and the judges tend to look at such charges very strictly. This is not to say that an attorney with decades of experience such as Ms Speas cannot get the charges reduced or even dropped.
  • Heroin. The highly-addictive nature of this drug makes it extremely dangerous and illegal. Accusations of heroin possession are bound to cause fright and confusion, especially for a college student and the presence of the right attorney in such a moment of trepidation is critical. Also, since drug courts oversee heroin violation charges, it is possible that the sentence may lean towards rehabilitation than imprisonment. However, this does not lessen the severity of the charge and penalties.
  • Synthetic drugs. Before the new statute in Minnesota that bans synthetic narcotics, the sale of these substances was considered a gross misdemeanor. But with the new law in full effect, persons convicted of dealing in synthetic drugs face up to 10years imprisonment. Other names for these substances include K2, Lunar eclipse, and vanilla sky.


It is not the end of the world if you are accused or found in violation of drug laws. It is possible for a lawyer as experienced and accomplished as Jennifer Speas to mount a robust and aggressive that either secures your freedom or grants you reduced charges and penalties. Contact Speas Law Firm today and let us help you craft a strong defense.